Global Talent Excellence Awards 2022

Global Talent Excellence Awards 2022!!!

1 September 2022 @ Bangkok, Thailand


Global Talent Excellence Awards 2022 recognises and celebrates the World’s Most Dynamic and innovative Eight (8) categories of Awards for businesses/Start-ups/Leaders/Entrepreneurs/Individuals & others.


Business Excellence Award Celebrates individuals who have achieved remarkable performance standard and set the direction for the Industry.

The award felicitates all business leaders out there who have excelled beyond imaginations with huge diversity and inclusion as key component of driving innovation. What makes this award outstanding is that the business leaders will get a chance to connect, explore & discuss innovative ideas with a vision of building global businesses with diversity.


Super Achiever Award aims at recognizing high potential who have superseded the performance standards. The award calls out to all individuals who are committed on delivering value in their respective fields. What differentiates this award is the rigor to innovate, collaborate and being transformative. Thus the award felicitate individuals who are not only driving innovation but making a difference on day to day basis.

Awardees represent a special category of leaders who are set to break the benchmarks and guiding industry mentors by their domain expertise.


Humanitarian award aims at celebrating achievements of individuals who have been    at the for front of humanitarian value system and impacting lives of masses on day to day basis. Thus the award highlights and celebrates all the passionate individuals who believe in dedicating their lives to humanitarian actions and whose lives are  important to society.

Commitment by these individual’s weave the foundational fabric of society and help people to overcome the barriers and biases in their lives. The category honours those individual for their contribution in impacting lives in a positive way and making a meaningful contribution to the society.


Business Women Award felicitates all women leaders whose conviction, courage and passion has helped organizations to achieve remarkable performance standards. These leaders who challenged the existing norms and crafted unacceptable norms and made it as way of life. They believe in equality, equanimity and inclusion.

Thus the award reaches out to all the women leaders who are not only breaking the ceilings but creating new ceilings which accommodate everyone regardless of caste, creed, colour, gender, religion & nationality.


Philanthropy is defined as “the desire to promote the welfare of others, particularly through the generous donation of resources.”

Philanthropy award felicitates all individuals whose philanthropic contribution has impacted society and lives of individuals. Those individuals believe in improving lives of unprivileged and unheard. Their contribution has helped families in accessing resources which they were deprived of.

Thus the award reaches out to such individuals who believe that each individual have equal right and making sure that no one is left behind.


Ethical Leadership Award recognizes ethical leaders who, through their actions and decisions, have demonstrated character, courage and adherence to ethical principles.

The award represent the category of leaders who have fought against the hierarchy in order to implement ethical standards. The purpose of the award is not only to provide visible recognition for outstanding examples of ethical leadership, but also encourage future ethical leaders by highlighting and celebrating the positive impact of ethical leadership.


Starup Award recognizes and reward outstanding start-ups and ecosystem enablers that are building innovative products or solutions and scalable enterprises, with high potential of employment generation or wealth creation, demonstrating measurable social impact.

These startup entrepreneurs represent dynamisms and innovation. These entrepreneurs are building innovative products/solutions with high employment and  wealth generation activities by demonstrating measurable social impact.


COVID Warriors are all public healthcare providers including community health workers, who may have to be in direct contact and care of COVID-19 patients with high level of risk. The Awards recognizes the outstanding professional accomplishments made by any Industry/individual/group/corporate/individual/NGOs/others in welfare of humanity/mankind.

CRITERIA for Award Nominations:

Hence, you are invited to send your Nomination/s at the earliest to make yourself eligible for this prestigious award of Excellence. Please find enclosed attachments or refer trail mail for more details .

To send us your nominations, please Scan the QR Code OR find the Google Form Link :

CRITERIA for Award Nominations:

  1. The event is open for nominations from all over the Globe .
  2. A nominee can opt for more than one award category as well, if eligible.
  3. You may send your nominations on/before 20th July 2022.
  4. Only duly filled nomination form/s will be considered for further selection process.
  5. The winner will be selected by a jury of leading experts in their field.
  6. The Jury will evaluate each entry & will decide on winners. The decision of the Jury is final & binding.
  7. Nomination closing date is  20th July 2022.
  8. ENTRY FEE (Per Nomination): INDIAN: RS. 50,000/- (+18% GST)

Bank details for payment :
Global Talent Company India Private Ltd.
A/C no. 50200007863907
Plot No. 4&5, Block-B market, Sector 31, Noida-201301

(Important to note that It’s a non-residential event. All Entry fees needs to be paid in advance to make it eligible for it to go through the Jury Round & as a part of the process itself)

The Entry Fee is Non-Refundable. Entries once sent cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances.

The Organizers reserve a right to alter or change the program design without assigning any reason whatsoever.

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